0.106.3: Cornavirus integration (COVID-19), track the outbreak

Oh and the countries are NOT in alphabetical order.

What is the difference between current und confirmed?

There needs to be at least one infected person in a country to show up in the list.

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Confirmed - Recovered - Deaths = Current


Enough bad news each time I switch on my TV, I will definitely not install this, it’s my choice. But everybody is free to choose. Never said it was a bad idea.


Is it possible to remove the “People” part behind the numbers

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This virus is bad and I get that and all, but there are other virus’s that cause death.
Do we do an integration for every single disease that causes death in the world?
What happened to Bird Flu? It was a similar thing but now we never hear of it, but it still exists.

I understand people panic about new things, but what about the millions of other diseases that cause deaths? The many bacterial infections and “super bugs” that can be very easily spread as well?

I get people want to know about this one as it is in the news, but is it really needing its own integration into what is a Home Automation platform?


Maybe they will remove it when its over. And make new integration when there is something new… Just information for those who want follow the stats.

Maybe there could be a generic “World Pandemic” integration, maybe worded slightly better though, to track outbreaks rather than just having it named for one virus?

Anyway, I’ll not comment more on this. As I said, the virus is bad. Horrible even. I personally know people who have been affected by it so I am not unsympathetic. I just felt focussing on just one of the many deadly diseases isn’t necessarily the best way to go. The NEWS teams already do a good job of making people panic :slight_smile:

@jimmyz51501 I am not sure how accurate that map is. I live in Australia and believe there have been more than just one death from the it here.

only 1 death according to gov

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And now one resurrection according to my Australian Deaths sensor which just changed from 1 to 0.


may have to add new sensor for resurrections

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@sdlafferty … cheers!

Who was it that said ‘reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated’

And for the record, I won’t be taking a vaccine for this flu or anything else for that matter…

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According to the latest sensor data, that person is no longer dead? :thinking::man_shrugging:

Edit - Beaten by @jivesinger

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…and back to dead they go.

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Went back to 1 after I upgraded to 0.106.4

What am I missing here? I’m on v0.106.4 (running in docker), but no Coronavirus integration exists?

NYT uses some very conservative estimates here to help people compare, but it’s well organized: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/29/health/coronavirus-flu.html – it’s comparing rough/evolving data to long-studied diseases, so it may be a lot different when it’s all said and done.

Not enough mention there about this aspect: Because it is so fast to spread, it’s infecting so many victims all at once such that cases will likely overload hospitals and prevent everyone (even uninfected) from getting proper care from other illnesses (or complicating a percentage of every other illness if it does infect them). Perhaps that will improve as we learn better treatments – in South Korea I’ve heard they are doing drive-thru testing to reduce impacts and perhaps we’ll see more creative approaches in other countries.