0.111: Frontend loaded sooner, Elexa Guardian, Unify Circuit, Acmeda

What does the following mean for DeCONZ?
Consumption has been removed

Will my Innr 120 smart plugs not report consumption anymore?

Yes, thank you, I understood that. My point is that the Core repo (see my screenshot above) reported the availability of the latest release, before all builds were finished (which is fine). I didn’t know the average time between the announcement and the availability of the release for all builds. I now know it’s about 2 hours and, as per your suggestion, I can refer to the Pipeline to monitor its progress during that interval.

It’s all good; about 2 hours after the announcement, the release becomes available for all builds.

How many times does supervisor check for updates ? Still does not notice I upgraded already :slight_smile:


Mate, that’s awesome!

The suspense is killing me!

This new ozw component is great and has improved the stability of my ZWave network a ton already. I can’t wait to see the future improvements.

Big :beers: to @cgarwood and @martinhjelmare for the hard work that obviously went into this.

Thanks again for a rockin’ release!


The core release is needed to build the other releases (which are based on the core release). It is a lot of stacking happening.

Each 8 hours I believe… you can trigger it manually by hitting the “RELOAD” button in the System tab in the Supervisor panel.


It’s a string defining the device type. There is no official string in hass for it so it has been removed. No functionality is affected and doesn’t affect users unless they specifically refer to the atttibute

This is as smooth as my mothers butter chicken! Thanks for the great update again guys :smiley:

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I completely understand that. All I wanted to know is the average amount of time between the availability of the Core release (which often coincides with the blog announcement) and the container-based builds.

Perhaps it can be included in the blog post that the average delay is about 2 hours.

Quite often the blog comments contain questions like “I don’t see an update yet” or “How come my system isn’t showing the latest update?” Given that many people use Home Assistant on a single-board computer, or Home Assistant Supervised, they expect to see its availability reported very shortly after the announcement (i.e. minutes). However, the reality is that there’s a ~2 hour delay. It would be helpful if this became common knowledge.

Also if it’s in the blog, people will still ask


I guess one way to prevent that is to delay the announcement until all builds are available. In other words, delay the blog post by ~2 hours.

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It depends (the time).

Nevertheless, the release has been delayed since the introduction of Hass.io like this (it used to be 8-20 hours). I’ve been reporting it in blog posts, first posts in topics. It always raises the question.

For the future this might change if we have time to look into the release processes on such a level. For now, this is it.

Let’s get back on topic of the release itself. :+1:


With the exception of some lovelace layout issues I’ve been having since 0.110 (git issue (re)opened) this is a great update!

This lovelace view used to be 4 almost equal columns, but the HA stats got bumped from the bottom of the leftmost column, pushing everything else down/over.

As soon as I upgraded to 0.111.0, My ESPHome devices (both 32 & 8266) that use the api feature constantly disconnect/reconnect to wifi. ESPHome version is 1.14.4 Was consistently working before the update. Anyone else?

6 seconds to restart HA.
Epic work guys!

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I’m not seeing this with my esphome devices and 1.14.4.

Oh the speeeeeed ! Freaking awesome work !!!

Maybe related to this: https://github.com/esphome/issues/issues/1276

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Awesome speed : 7 sec to restart HA :+1:
However strange issue with a markdown showing a bigger font size in 0.111 …

      - content: >

          ## De energiekost vandaag is  {{states('sensor.kosten_vandaag')}} €.

          ## Live verbruik is nu

          ## Het is {{states('sensor.living_temperature')}}° in de leefruimte
          en  {{states('sensor.hue_outdoor_motion_sensor_1_temperature')}}° op
        style: |
          ha-card {
            margin: -16px -16px 0px 10px;
            box-shadow: none;
            border-radius: 7px;
            background: none;
          ha-markdown {
            padding-top: 5px !important;
            padding-bottom: 5px !important;
          ha-icon {
            float: right;
          h2 {
            font-size: 15px;
            font-weight: 400;

            padding-left: 10px;
            line-height: 0.5em;
            border-left: 3px solid rgba(253, 187, 45);
            opacity: 0.7;
        type: markdown