0.21: Improved Web and support for EnOcean, LIRC and Osram Lightify

It’s time for release 0.21 and it contains massive core improvements: replacement of our home grown HTTP stack with a standardized WSGI stack. This will improve performance, speed, security and make future development of advanced HTTP features a breeze.

This work was driven by the amazing Josh Wright. His knowledge, high standards and drive for security has helped improve Home Assistant a lot ever since he started helping out. Hip hip hurray for Josh!

Alright, time for the changes:


Breaking Changes

  • Our work in the WSGI stack is not fully done yet. We still have a minor issues where retrieving the error log in the about screen can raise an encoding error
  • The API used to incorrectly accept a JSON body with form-url-encoded headers. Our cURL examples on the website used to be wrong and have been updated.
  • Make sure your configuration.yaml file contains frontend: to serve the frontend

Hotfixes 0.21.1 and 0.21.2

We released two hotfixes to address some issues that couldn’t wait till the next release.

0.21.1 - June 12
  • Add eventlet to base requirements to resolve some installation issues (@balloob)
  • GTFS will filter out routes in the wrong direction (@imrehg)
  • Recover from rare error condition from LIRC (@partofthething)
  • Z-Wave autoheal will no longer raise exception (@balloob)
  • Alexa will now execute the script before making reply (@balloob)
  • Fix MJPEG camera streaming (@stjohnjohnson)
  • Fix frontend in older browsers (@balloob)
  • Fix history in more info dialog being cut off (@balloob)
0.21.2 - June 15
  • Fix input_select calling the set_option service again when changed (@persandstrom)
  • Fix more info dialog not being able to open on Safari (@balloob)
  • Add support for OPTIONS HTTP command to get CORS working (@JshWright)

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