0.78: More auth, Switchmate, Yale Smart Alarm, OpenTherm


I’ve read your post and don’t see that it prevents the use of login credentials. You are shifting the login to the pre-facing nginx instance and ask for basic authentication there, forwarding it to HA later (actually, I have no clue what Home Assistant is doing with it).

Still - event with long-living tokens there seems to be no way to disable “authentication” requests (includes picking a user from a list) for Home Assistant users.


I had a look at the zwave platform to do just that, but I must admit it was beyond me. It’s quite a few years since I did any work in C, so I’ll leave it to the experts. But just so you know I’m not slacking I’ll hopefully be pushing out a new platform in the next few months that handles some panel heaters. Just waiting for them to release the API.


I think 0.78.1 broke my Tradfri connection. Downgraded to 0.78.0.


Very excited to hear about bluetooth and bluetooth_le fixes! It’s been broken for quite a while, thanks to the devs who took it on. Now to see if it works in my docker environment…


Yes, Tradfri broken for me, too. Working in 0.77.3, broken in 0.78.1.


Fixed in 78.2. We had some issues with discovery


When does 78.2 get realest


it is already.


Hmmm i still can’t see it


0.78.3 TPlink devices unavailable, Google Cast (Google home) is unavailable for most of the time… Downgrading to 0.77 helps


0,78.3 the service does not work: light.yeelight_set_mode


Cannot confirm, both TP-Link HS110 and Google Home Mini work after upgrading 0.78.2 to 0.78.3. Using Docker standalone image for RPi3


After several reboots, the problem gone.


0.78 to 0.78.3 has broken my Chromecast I cannot connect to it anymore. Anyone facing the same issue ?


https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/16804 will fix it


The list of refresh tokens is good, but it isn’t easy to distinguish between different devices as it just says “Last used at <date and time> from <ip address>” and I have multiple devices showing the same ip address, since for devices on my home WiFi the ip address is picked up as my external ip address. It would be nice if this could include details of the device which is connecting (even just device OS, like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. would be great).


I stand corrected, TP-Link HS110 works continuously, Google Home Mini becomes and stays unavailable after (planned) WLAN interruption.


Will it be in the next release or ?


Yes, it is already in 0.79 beta, beta tester are welcome


Stupid question, but how do we access the beta builds? I can’t find anything on the website about them.

Been having a lot of issues with my Google Homes since updating the 0.78.x builds, they’re always ‘unavailable’.