0.84: Cloud webhooks, Wunderlist and USGS Earth Quakes


If anyone is having issues with GOOGLE ASSISTANT make sure to remove the line “expose_by_default: true/false” from your config. It removed all of the devices that I had included through expose domains.


The PR from 0.83 was reverted back as it caused to many issues. Now you only use expose by default or exposed domains like before.


This means that the Lovelace YAML config is now parsed with YAML 1.1 instead of YAML 1.2.

Is this a typo? I assume you mean you’re moving from 1.1 to 1.2.

We have also aligned the configuration of all the cards, causing breaking changes. Changes are especially focused around how we define actions for short and long presses. See [the docs][/lovelace/] for more info.

The link here is broken, and I think it’s meant to point to https://www.home-assistant.io/lovelace/changelog/, where the actual changes are documented. Took me a while to find that.


It’s unable to change new device defaults for AsusWRT and GoogleHome device trackers. Now my HA panel is full of unwanted devices…


Custom UI seems broken (all groups are blank):

state-card-custom-ui.html:27:15926 Uncaught TypeError: Class extends value undefined is not a constructor or null

Any idea?


Skybell has been broken for quite a while, glad to see some new attention in this release! However:

Unable to prepare setup for platform camera.skybell: Could not set up all dependencies.

Did not get errors before it just didn’t work. I guess errors are an improvement, maybe easier to track down the issue?


Good work and marry xmass. Keep safe


Same problem here :disappointed_relieved:


anybody got problems with tileboard?


I’ve had the same problem. It seems to randomly flip between on/off and whatever device class is specified. It seems to start with on/off and then switches to the device class when an MQTT event is received, but I swear I’ve seen it flip back too.


anybody got problems with tileboard?

Seems to be working ok for me, what issues are you having?


I’m seeing it via the Lovelace UI, not only for Binary Sensors but Devices as well. One day I’ll learn to stop updating HA so frequently.

Does anyone use the betas? How was that not noticed? Does “Front Door: off” make sense to anyone? No.



Yep - did the update. There some weird browser cache interaction happening. Sometimes a reload gets me working tap-actions. Also, sometimes the first visit from a fresh-start browser loads the default interface, then it auto-refreshes to my custom ui


Same thing is happening to me with home and not_home for device_trackers…


My Xiaomi door/window sensors still read open/closed. Is your device mqtt based? Or something else?


This update is like elephant in the porcelain shop…
Only missed entities, missed automations(!), shattered Lovelace ui, lot of malfunctions and wasted custom things remain.


Thanks to all the contributors, no issues upgrading from 83.3 to 84.1


Lesson to learn. Never mess with something that already works. Atleast wait until there is 2-3 updates


Only thing I noticed so far is after upgrading from 83.3 to 84.1 is that all generic thermostats had no saved values on rebooting and were set to defaults.


You right, Therefore I use the snapshot function and 2 sd cards :slight_smile: