0.86: New Lovelace UI and Zigbee Management Panel!


You got it!



Maybe, but as a result the Lovelace UI looks - beside the space-wasting climate cards - exactly like my Classic UI. So, let’s call it “group-controlled-auto-layout”.


Just name them correctly in deCONZ. Like the name Living motion sensor, will become binary_sensor.living_motion_sensor


problkem is the zigbee router has to be on the same host as HASS


Must be another automation, the upgrade affects the time platform, you must have another automation that contains time platform.


Thanks to all people who worked on this release and a special thank to @rohankapoorcom for his great work on the Geofency component (working with webhooks now :grinning:) and @emontnemery for his great work on the MQTT components.


This was worth it to put as Breaking Change!

I had to rename many things because of this. In config file, groups, scripts and automations.


I think the breaking change note about valid slugs may cover it, but a better explanation should have been given, eg wtf is a slug, what are the naming rules?


Any ideas where to start to search, as the 0.85 wont upgrade to 0.86.2. In /home-assistant.log there is no ERRORS or indications about failed version install.


You need to watch the log as home assistant starts up as when it rolls back and restarts it will wipe out the previous log…


Thanks for this. Fixed my issue in Opera, I was pulling my hair out.



Also, I think that the breaking changes often need further explanation. Simply saying that something has changed and then pointing us to the docs for that component doesn’t really help. We then have to try and work out exactly what it was in the docs that has changed. Perhaps a highlighted section showing old code vs. new code would be nice…


My workflow if it isn’t immediately obvious from the docs what has changed is to look at the GitHub (edit this page takes you straight there) and then look at the most recent changes.


Good to know, I’ll take a look. Thanks


99% of people issues are solved if they read and understood this:

If you don’t understand, ask.


I understood that one without issues but it was a passing comment based on many other breaking changes over the months gone by. My point is that they are often not explained well and I don’t think that people should need to ask on this forum, it should be blatantly obvious.


It’s just obvious most people either don’t read or don’t understand or ignore the release notes. Just look at all the threads about entity_id’s and time pattern changes here over the last few days…


agreed, the same goes for people not reading the blue banner at the top of the page :unamused:


I think that’s the point people are trying to make.

The release notes are sometimes (…many times…) vague and uninformative.


I agree … so ask…