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0.92.1 Sonos + Google assistant


I have this configuration in my google_assistant: section

  expose: true
  name: Le sonos

And I used to say " Turn on Le sonos" and “Turn off Le sonos” and it worked.
Now, GH says “ok” but the music remains in pause (or continue to play)

I think it as to do with:
" This means that if you attempt to invoke media_player.turn_on , but the entity does not indicate it can be turned on through supported_features , the service will not be called and will not log any message."

In dev-state page I have :
media_player.sala “supported_features”: 64063,

I have no idea what it really means!
How can I have back the functionality?


It looks like you are probably right about the changes in media_player.turn_on that happened with 0.92.1 as someone else reported issues with Alexa. There is a pull request with discussion here that I stumbled across but it looks like it didn’t make it into the code base. Might have to wait for the sonos component to be updated to properly map it.


Right now,
I changed every automation with:

- service: media_player.media_pause

- service: media_player.media_play

And with GH, I used a input_boolean in order to have back the function “Turn on/off”.