1 Home Assistant Green, New Home

Hi! - I have a Home Assistant Green (awesome) and need to take it and install it at a now home.

Can I just shut it down, unplug it (power / ethernet) - take it to the new property and plug it in? and let it scan the network for devices (this is a new vacation property).

Or do I need to remove the ‘found’ devices from the system?

Or… (hopefully not) - do I need to wipe clean the Home Assistant Green (I’d have to buy a microSD card, reader, etc.)

thoughts? thanks! Chad

You can power it down and move it to the vacation home:

  • Remove devices that aren’t going with you. It won’t kill you to keep them in the system but you will likely get errors because they cannot be found
  • Make sure the new network will be the same as the old one, otherwise reconfigure your static IP address on the HA system (it really should be static)