110.2 Supervisor Panel inaccessible

I made a upgrade to 110.2 (I think coming from 110.1) and now I can’t access my Supervisor panel anymore. I get the following error message (browser modal):


I tried also restarted home assistant already but no change of behavior.

My luck developer tools with logging is still accesible. I think these error message could be related to the error:

Actually it looks like my restart (attempts) weren’t successful at all:

2020-05-26 12:36:19 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.hassio.handler] Client error on /homeassistant/restart request Cannot connect to host ssl:None [Connect call failed ('', 80)]


Try to restart the machine.

I did it. Logged in with ssh (luckily running supervised install on a generic linux) and shot a reboot :gun: And my Supervisor panel is back under the living :tada: