12 volt bluetooth beacon?

Hi all.

I am looking for a solution for my partner. She goes nowhere without her ute. I am after something I can run on 12 volt that my bluetooth presence detector can pick up? I can’t rely on her phone and am looking for something I can permanently mount in the car.


There are plenty of5V USB beacons. You could use a cigarette USB charger and one of these. It would turn off with the ignition though.

I have an ODB2 diagnostics tool that can connect to my phone vie Bluetooth - I thought about using it with Bluetooth on a Pi3 for presence detection, or better: arrival detection, because just like the USB beacon, it would turn off with the ignition. I haven’t gotten around to it yet, though.

Thanks Chairstacker. I have one of them as well. Didnt think of that one. Will give it a try as I really only need to pick her up as she arrives so it may be an option.

When I used a bluetooth OBD2 dongle on a late 90s Pontiac it would stay powered with the car off, which would drain my battery after a few days. Just a word of warning to anyone trying this.

So your partner arrives home the beacon changes her state to home and I assume this kicks off an arrival automation but then the car is turned off and the beacon changes state to not_home. Then in the morning she jumps in her car turns it on and the beacon connects and changes its state to home thus firing off your arrival automation if this unlocks doors or garages or turns on lights on/off alarms it may cause issues. I personally use a ble beacon called nut which has a battery in it which lasts around 10 months before requiring a change. It just works, i use them for my bin automations also to tell my HA that I have taken them out/in to stop voice reminders and to also remind me if I have left them out.

In our case the car is about the only thing she cant misplace. It also isnt used to do arrival stuff. I simply need to know when it arrives. If as you said it fires it again when she leaves wont be an issue for now

In my case I am using HA to assist her as she has D.I.D and memory is one of its downsides. Whilst most use HA and smarts to make life easier, I am putting together bits and pieces to help her and hopefully others.

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