120v smart switch and separating relay

Is there a smart switch out there that would separate the relay from the physical switch? I am looking to be able to capture the physical toggle of the switch and use home assistant/node red to power the lights on/off. The lights are Philips hue and I want them to always have power and keep a switch in the current location to turn them on and off without the relay cutting power off to them.

Most smart switches can operate in “detached mode”, where the switch is decoupled from activating the relay directly.

I use Shelly 1 devices in exactly the manner you are describing for my Lifx smart lights.

I’m looking for a switch that has the functionality built in. I don’t have room in the gang box for a sonoff device and the switch.

Also looking for a “toggle” switch instead of the “decora” style.

I’ve run both ancient GE and Inovelli Z-Wave switches for initial programming in a portable surface-mount plastic electrical box. They were powered by a lamp cord on switch’s hot and neutral terminals, with nothing connected to the switch’s load terminal. I don’t see why you can’t just move the load wire to the hot terminal on any smart switch (that uses a neutral wire for power) to provide constant power to the bulb and still have the switch reporting back to HA. If you decide to move or use “dumb” bulbs again in the future, just move the load wire back to the load terminal.

All bets are off if the smart switch does not have/require a neutral connection in the switch box, since those “no-neutral” smart switches power their electronics by leaking a trickle of power through the load terminal to complete their self-power circuit without a neutral wire…