15.6 inch touch display


I’m thinking of purchasing a 15.6 inch touch display for a Raspberry Pi4 or any other SBC to use as a home assistant wall panel.

Would this work for the Rpi4?
https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005002 … 7ecdeebc-0

I guess I have to connect the hdmi for video and usba to usbc on the monitor to use the touch function?
Does anyone have this or similar touch monitor and can confirm it works?
My plan was to install android and run the home assistant app.


The Raspberry Pi family do not generally run Android. Would Raspi OS with its desktop not do the job?

In fact it does:

But, as you say, a linux distro with a web browser would probably work as well.
Or I could use an other sbc for Android.

I have not decided yet. Thought I will buy the display first. Any one that can recommend a good 15.6 inch touch display for an SBC?

That is why I said GENERALLY. :wink:

Ahh, sorry… :slight_smile:

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