17track - add OutForDelivery as package status


In the API of 17track I found that they provide an additional package state - OutForDelivery.

Would it be possible to add it to states shown by the provided integration?
Personally that’s the state I am most interested in, to make sure that someone is in the house


You should @ the developer of the integration otherwise he may not read you.

Great tip, but since it’s part of core, I do not know who to tag :sweat_smile:

Which is good because we discourage tagging people :wink:

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I don’t think it’s a problem integration as I see that status showing up sometimes for some of my packages ! It mainly depends of carrier tracking system ! Here in Switzerland local post doesn’t tag Out for Delivery as such :frowning:

Interesting, that could mean the documentation needs to be updated (which might as well be the case). Can anyone else confirm?

Is the package still counted by sensor.seventeentrack_packages_in_transit? Does this status also appear in the entry in attributes of this sensor ?

I guess I’m confused by the fact there’s no sensor showing total number of packages in this state.
Which would be useful, to send a notification or show a message on the dashboard.

Probably there is a workaround with a template sensor, but a native solution like for other states would be much simpler.

Oh, I had no idea. For the record, I would like to be tagged if my code was involved.

Oh cool! Do you have an integration for Swiss Post? I had to write my own cos I couldn’t find any. (Mine does Post, Amazon.de, and Aliexpress as well as a bunch of others.)

Well here I have the in_transit sensor that lists all packages in transit, and I have also a sensor per package in transit that lists specific status of the package !

Unhappy not ! I had a discussion in past with developer of TrackChecker on Android that stated there is no public Free API for Swisspost unhappy and the payed one is only able to track package listed with their Swisspost tracking number (starting by 9) and not their usual tracking number (usually EMS format)
But 17Track does it without problem so I use it to track also local SwissPost package and it works fine :slight_smile:

Personally it would be good to be able to add and delete packages within ha.

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That sounds like exactly what I was looking for. :slight_smile: Can you please share your configuration entry, to check if I’m missing something?
If that’s all there is to it, I’ll submit an edit to the documentation myself.

Nick, agreed. Have you tried their email tracking service? It should remove the need to add most packages

The codeowner can often be found in the component’s manifest.
But seventeentrack does not have a codeowner:

Next you can try to “blame” some code:

Which explains why there is no owner for that (old changes, and probably some minor maintenance changes recently).

Personally what annoys me most is that the integration notifies the same state again when HA restarts, and the state is not very up-to-date - out for delivery is long gone before I get an update in HA (I think that 17track is not polling a lot).

Sorry but who are you talking too ? me ? If so my 17track configuration has nothing special, just my id and passwond in ha :slight_smile:

Don’t forget that at least on free accounts at 17track tracking are updated only every 6/12 hours. Perhaps payed account have a shorter refresh time but not even sure :confused:

Ah sorry I got confused and thought you had a outfordelivery sensor too :sweat_smile:

Sleep deprivation with a newborn is no joke

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It seems that one can setup a webhook in 17track. That would be better than polling : API Docs | 17TRACK .
The packet states, including OutForDelivery, are listed there too.
And the API allows adding and removing tracking numbers.

So it could be added, but py17track does not propose methods to facilitate this.