2 Hassio instances in Nabu.casa

Hello Community ! : I have 2 separate instances of Home Assistant in 2 different houses. The first is already registered with nabu.casa for remote access. At the moment I can access the second one only locally. I wonder what is the best way to have remote access to the second one ? Can I add it to nabu.casa using the same login ?
PS : I have tried duckdns in the past and could not make it work (my lack of experience for sure :slight_smile: so for now, not interested in that approach). Thanks for any tips and best practices on how to integrate 2 different instances. Thank you !

This is not good…for some reason nabu.casa identified my second instance and created a remote id for it and connected it to my second instance. Now I totally lost remote access to my first instance. Since I am not physically present at the first location I have no clue how to restore my remote access…help please, I am totally over my head here…how do i sort through the mess I have created ?

It will use whichever you signed into last. There is no method of detecting your instance and filling in the information automatically, so it would have to have been restored or you signed in by mistake (I have done this on a second instance by mistake several times).

There isn’t a way currently to have two instances and one account. You can link two Home Assistants together using a custom component, where one instance shares devices and entities to another, but that might not be what you are after. https://github.com/lukas-hetzenecker/home-assistant-remote

Thank you @cogneato. I will look into the component later. In the meantime, I have opened a second account with Nabucasa. I am grateful for the work being done with HA by all the developers and happy to support through a (second) paid contribution :slight_smile: