2 instances for HA Android app?

I believe it is under the Secure Folder settings. I set mine up for my 2nd HA system over a year ago and cannot remember exactly where it is located in the settings menu but that is what it is called on my Note 10+.

It works great for my use case.

Ok I got it, but how to access second instance easily? I mean is not possible to have on the homepage both apps?

You can have both apps available. I have 2 app folders on my home screen, where I keep all my apps associated with each house. It requires an extra tap…Tap to open the folder, tap to open the HA app, but that works for me.

I have it set up that way on my Note 10+ and my wife’s S10+. This allows me to use the location info from each app with the respective home.

Ok, but I see the second app only in the Secure Menu, I can’t find a way to show it inside a folder on the homepage

If you long press on the icon in the secure folder it should give you the option to add a short cut to the he screen, at least it does for me.