2 x NSPanel Pro + Fully Kiosk + NSPanel Tools - One is perfect, other stops sending touch through to HA

Really not sure where to start with this. Like the title says I have two panels, with identical Fully Kiosk settings (I did a diff on the export). One HA user for each, showing a simple one screen dashboard. The only difference between them is the firmware, but I don’t think thats the issue.

When Fully has been running on one for a few minutes, touch input does not go through to HA, but it is still registered, since I can do a 5 x tap and enter pin to exit out of Kiosk mode. The screen is not sleeping when this happens.

This does NOT happen when I use the HA companion app instead of Fully, but I’d rather not go that route since I really like all the remote management and integration that comes with Fully Kiosk.

Any ideas how I can even start to debug this?

I’d start with installing a different Webview add-on (there are several - try and see). You can find it in play store.
I’ve had my share of problems with webview: fully just crashed (and restarted) randomly, displaying something about “webview problem”… so, yes, FW difference CAN be a problem (and probably is).

That is indeed only obvious difference between the two, but the issue actually moved over to the other panel when I loaded the offending dashboard on it. So maybe something in custom javascripts that is causing it. I’ll have to strip the dashboard down and build it up slowly to debug.

In that case it’s best any quickest way to create another dashboard and move cards one-by-one from offending dashboard to this new one and see when it happens. I’ve had some problems once and i found “guilty” card this way.