2021.10.0 Updated, now won't start. What is snapshot file extension & questions on console

So I updated HA and now it won’t start. I know I have a snapshot, but I can’t recall where it is. Can someone tell me the file extension for these snapshots so I can search my drive? It was earlier this year.

I’m going to move to a Raspberry 4 8GB with SSD from a windows VirtualBox setup. I can get command line virtual box console access, but the install won’t serve up a webpage at :8123. It’s been stuck in startup mode for couple of hours. But it is serving up :4357, but says it’s connected and I don’t see anything else.

In the ha console for virtualbox, there is no scroll and “| more” is not working, or shift+page-up.

I’ve tried to do a supervisor repair.

  1. Can I enable SSH in the ha supervisor command line interface?
  2. Can I create and export a snapshot in the ha supervisor command line interface, so I have my latest setup?

I can’t see the full logs (won’t scroll). I’m getting a “system not running CoreState.startup” and some error on call errors.

I have no idea what this address is.