2021.8.0 honeywell total connect integration missing thermostats

Upgraded to 2021.8.0 and can only see one of my four thermostats.

I have two locations (my home & partners home), after the upgrade I can only see my partners(1), not mine (3).

As an aside I tried to use “location” to filter out hers before via configuration.yaml, but that did not work, so I have been resigned to seeing hers in addition to mine.

Not sure if it’s related, but the UI should allow this location to be specified (once “location” works).
Worst case I can separate these into a separate login, but it used to (mostly) work.

Thanks in advance

This appears to already be reported as a bug via New Honeywell TCC Integration doesn't support multiple thermonstats · Issue #53981 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

I am seeing the same bug. I have several thermostats, but only one is detected by the new integration.

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I just upgraded from Core 7.4 to Core 8.8 and have spent the last hour unsuccessfully trying to recover one of my two thermostat entities.