2023.11.6 does not install


I seem to be geting these and related errors trying to get HA installed for the first time.

Same issue with RPi4 model B as well

I also created a new VM on my desktop - Linux 2.6/3.x/ 4.x/ 5.x (64-bit), enabled EFI, 4GB mem, 2vCPU, Chipset PIIX3, Network bridge adapter, Promiscous mode deny, cable connected, audio controller Intel HD audio, haos_ova-11.1.vdi

Created my VirtualBox VM on different locations including on a SSD

Tinkered with with following terminal commands -
ha supervisor stats
ha supervisor restart
ha supervisor repair
ha supervisor update
ha supervisor restart

one observation : I see the msg in blue
[supervisor.resolution.evaluate] System evaluation complete
[supervisor.jobs] ‘ResolutionFixup.run_autofix’ blocked from execution, system is not healthy - supervisor
[supervisor.host.services] Updating service information
[supervisor.host.network] Updating local network information
[supervisor.host.sound] Updating PulseAudio information
[supervisor.host.manager] Host information reload completed

Are these of any significance? If so, any remedies?

Any suggestions on what more stones are left unturned in this journey of ‘what the heck’?