20A in-wall outlet with power monitoring

I’m looking for a smart in wall outlet that
1/ can be remotely controlled through HA,
2/ can monitor power consumption
3/ can handle 20A

I can’t seem to find any. The only device that comes close is the ConnectSense device, but I don’t see any information on how to connect it with Home Assistant.

Maybe the Sonoff POW R3 ?

Ah yes, that’s a good option!

Not exactly “in-wall” per se, but GE has a z-wave one that can do 40A, at both 120V or 240V.

Depends on the use case I suppose.

The use case is for controlling appliances like an oven, water heater, or air conditioner. The GE device could work but it doesn’t do energy measurement. The Sonoff device does.

Anyone know of an actual socket that can do this? I have a few of the tplink switches, but al looking at renovating some room, and would like to get this into the actual switch rather than a plug.
something similar to WIFI Switch
But with power monitoring.

The only solution I’ve found so far for an in-wall unit with energy monitoring is the Sonoff IW100. It’s limited to 15A.

The Sonoff will also burn , your , house , down.

The Ge won’t. For high amp loads use a contactor with CT clamps for monitoring (like the Shelly EM).

Make that 5A max. Anything more is asking for trouble.


Maybe these too… but would have to look into HA control

So, circling back, I decided to use a variety of devices to control all 110V outlets in my motorhome:

  • General purpose outlets: Sonoff IW100
  • High amp connection (speed oven): Sonoff POWR3
  • ACs : Shelly EM (w 50A clamp)
  • Other lower power appliances (fridge, blender, rv dish washer, etc): Shelly 1PM UL