20A Smart switch for heated bathroom fan

We’re doing a bathroom remodel right now and we’re putting in a bathroom fan with a 1500W heater for my mother. It requires a dedicated 20A circuit and switch.

She’s disabled and while completely tech phobic, has done really well with using Alexa to control things. So I’d like to get that like to get it on a smart switch but I can’t find anything that rated for 20A.

I’m currently using Jasco switches for everything else, but they don’t make anything I can use.
Does anyone know of any other 20A smart switches? Or possible suggest another solution?

You could use the same control system.

Yeah as I was searching I saw some recommendations for a contactor. I’m going to ask the electrician about it tomorrow.

You can use any cheap smart switch. Just make it control a 20A contactor instead of the heater directly.

edit: just saw, it has been said already :wink: