24GHz mmWave sensor with Wemos D1 mini board - home assistant integration?

Hello guys!

I’m trying to set up mmWave human stationary presence sensor with Wemos d1 mini board to detect humans in the room with the home assistant. So far I found how to integrate other mmWave sensors with ESP32 or other boards, but not with this particular one. I’m a noob with pationt to learn in this area. Any help is appreciated :pray:

Best regards!

What board is it?

It is Wemos D1 mini (ESP8266). Are you asking for something more specific?

And the radar is a 24Ghz mmWave Sensor- Human stationary presence module (MR24D11C10)

From what I read, you didn’t choose a good presence sensor. It doesn’t work well. Better look at the LD2410B or LD2410C sensor, which you set up on your phone via BT and use the D1mini only as a classic binary sensor.
You can test your sensor on the D1mini by selecting the correct board in the configuration and changing the GPIO UART to your liking.

Well, I have to use this one and there is no other option for me :frowning:
But I’m not very interested in the accuracy of the sensor, but more in how to make it work at least some home together with the home assistant.