2FA with companion app


I have a working instance of Home Assistant with the companion app installed from F-Droid on my Android phone. Everything works as expected since a few months.
A few days ago I decided to activate 2FA on my account. Again, everything went smoothly with the process (I had to re-authenticate on the companion app to introduce the 2FA after its activation).
Yesterday, my companion app got disconnected and I had to redo the authentication part with 2FA. Before the 2FA activation, the companion app didn’t need any re-authentication (or at least, I didn’t need to do it manually).

Now my question is : is it a normal process? Should I have to re-authenticate the companion app every few days? How do you guys have it setup?
Can I use the “Long-lived access token” functionality to avoid being asked for 2FA on the companion app (in fact I tried that but I couldn’t authenticate that way, I suppose it is not meant for the companion app)?

PS : on my Nextcloud instance where I also activated 2FA, I have long-living access tokens defined for the apps I use on my phone (so that for those ones, 2FA is not requested), and I have to introduce the TOTP code only when authenticating from other devices/sessions. Shouldn’t something similar be available in Home-Assistant?