2nd konnected board integration problem

I have one NodeMCU flashed with konnected (2.3.5) . Now I wanted the 2nd board to add more zones. I flashed “WeMos mini D1” with the same version of konnected and then changed its IP on my router. HA integration detected the new board but with previous IP address and I removed it. And now I cannot add it with the new, real IP address. It says - “Device is already configured” .But the konnected integration shows only one, previous device… I tried to add it to configuration,yaml but it did not appeared neither…
How do i make work? An suggestions?

Ok… I removed corresponding entry from “/config/.storage/core.config_entries”… Then rebooted Hassio and konnected let me add this device .

Actually, it would be good if Konnected would have an option to remove devices.