2x TuYa TS0013 next to each other?

Hi everybody,

I’m putting this in Hardware, but it is more of an Off-Topic kinda thing. Please move elsewhere if the category doesn’t fit.

I have two of these TuYa TS0013 (zigbee2mqtt link) switches that I’d like to install right next to each other (or technically above/underneath each other). I have a standard German double light switch housing in my wall. Apparently, they won’t just fit in there, see below.

(please ignore the bad state the wall is in; this is right next to the living room door and when the dogs want to do their business in the morning, they don’t care about not scratching it).

Do any of you have the same issue and perhaps found a solution that allows one to install two of these next to each other without re-drilling those socket holes? I looked on thingiverse, but there wasn’t anything related to this switch.

Thank you in advance for your ideas :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a solution without drilling, curious to learn.

But there should be only 3 set of devices to control, what are you gonna do with 6 switches?

I don’t want to control wired devices with these switches. I was hoping to control a few standing lamps inside the room with these switches. I have a similar solution in the hallway. Only one switch actually (physically) switches the hallway light. The other two act as triggers in home assistant to control things that are not at all wired to them.

Why don’t you use battery powered switches? There are very similar options and you don’t need to drill the wall. You can use 3M tape or nail them.

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Thank you! I have been using those for some time, anyway, but it didn’t occur to me to use them for this scenario. Works great :slight_smile:

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