3 way toggle or switch to Alexa?

Hoping someone has a bright idea here…

What I’m trying to do is have a “toggle” (I’m guessing and input_select) with 3 values - on, null/auto, off
The reason being, I have some automations running extractor fans and I want to be able to override them with Alexa.

If I only wanted to override one way this is fine (I can just toggle it the other way once done with the override), but I’d like to be able to override to On (if someone does a smelly) or Off (if I’m trying to watch a movie)
Therefore state I want to put it to wont always be the opposite of what a toggle would be

So, I’m trying to find a workaround to have the three state switch show to Alexa (since input_select is not supported)

TBH, I don’t really need the null state to be shown to Alexa, but if its in off state I need it to respond to an off command
(side note. using node red but again this doesn’t matter hugely in the context)