32 bit = docker 18.09. How to upgrade / get a healthy system?

I have a 32 bit laptop, with Debian 10, and one old Docker version (so far I can’t figure out how to upgrade from 18.09.1).

Because of this Docker version, HA supervised system is marked as unhealthy and unsupported… so I can’t restore, upgrade or do almost nothing.

Some months ago that was not an issue :frowning:, so I would like to ask if I can do one of the following:

  • How can I get a newer Docker version for 32 bit machines?

  • How can I go back to previous versions of HA when everything used to work fine?

  • How can I get a workaround fix for my system with actual HA and Docker versions?

As I said, besides Docker version, everything is OK to have a healthy and supported HA: Debian 10, exclusive used for HA, and so on…

Any ideas?

When you have an ‘unhealthy’ system you will need to restart the supervisor using either the command line (sudo docker restart hassio_supervisor) or portainer (if you have it installed), when the supervisor upgrades you will need to do it again. Until you restart the supervisor you won’t be able to install or upgrade anything in HA except the HACS files as they are not anything to do with the supervisor but all addons and HA it’s self can’t upgrade of downgrade if the system is ‘unhealthy’.

Sadly it doesn’t work, I can restart supervisor over and over again… It just doesn’t upgrade or stop saying it’s unhealthy (:frowning: