3DPrinted outdoor wall lights?

So im curious,

With the price of outdoor lighting, its not ideal and I need about 12 outdoor lights for a retaining wall.

This brought to mind the idea of 3d printing some outdoor downlights for my retaining wall and just installing some 12v strip LEDs in them.

Anyone done something like this? Surely way cheaper.

Like what? Examples?

Yes, examples, STLs etc.

No, YOU provide an example because your description is inadequate. How do you envision the final product?

I apologize for my previous response. I need more information like what kind of product you are envisioning. Here are some examples of how I could envision the final product:

  • A physical product, such as a car, a smartphone, or a piece of furniture.
  • A software product, such as a web application, a mobile app, or a desktop app.
  • A service, such as a subscription service, a consulting service, or a training service.
  • A combination of these, such as a physical product with a software component or a service that is delivered through a software platform.

Once I have a better understanding of the product, I can provide a more specific answer.


I have absolutely no idea what you are describing in your first post.

no no, so im asking if anyone has done this before?

used 3dprinted lights for outdoor lighting.

Done what? 3D print a light fixture? Use LED strips in a wall light? And, what is a “downlight”?

I stumbled upon this 3d printed light project a wile back. It might work for you?