401 Error calling HA api inside an add on


i’m currently developing a home assistant add on.
When i try to deploy the add on locally, the docker container can’t access the home assistant api.

The host “supervisor” can be resolved:

The SUPERVISOR_TOKEN is set correctly

This is the content of my config.json

  "name": "Hello world",
  "version": "1",
  "slug": "hello_world",
  "description": "My first real add-on!",
  "arch": [ "armhf", "armv7", "aarch64", "amd64", "i386" ],
  "startup": "application",
  "boot": "auto",
  "hassio_role": "manager",
  "hassio_api": true,
  "homeassistant_api": true,
  "options": {},
  "schema": {},
  "ports": {
    "9025/tcp": 9025

Is there anything i am missing?

Thanks to Ludeeus i could resolve this issue. I was missing the "homeassistant_api": true when i first build the the add on. I had to uninstall the add on and reload the repository so the config would update in ha.