401 Unauthorised when trying to load Add-on web ui


The add-on in question is “Grocy”.
The 401 unauthorised problem only occurs in one android device.
It works well with 2 other android devices, 1 iphone, edge on windows, safari on mac.

So i have no idea what could be the reason for this add-on unable to load in one device.
The homeassistant works over http. I have checked that it works good on iphone connecting to homeassistant via LAN and over LTE.

The error is shown right after it starts loading add-on page. In the Grocy config i have added “ingress user” so it automatically opens on all devices without authetication (without ingress user, it would load the login page for all except the problematic android which gets 401).

I have not tried clearing cache or reinstalling the app, i would like to know if i can resolve the issue without reinstall.