.42 group status behavior

After upgrading to 0.42 I noticed that a group I had of device_trackers no longer shows the summary state of the device_trackers.

For example, I use device_trackers to determine when I can turn out the lights of bedrooms associated with people. In most cases there is a 1:1 relationship so no problem. In the case of my wife and I, there is a 2:1 ration of device_trackers to rooms. So I setup a group that holds both of our device trackers and do my automations based on the “group” status. After 0.42 this apparently stopped working. I have tried manually updating the device trackers state using the developer tools, but the group never reports a status change. If I track the device trackers individually, everything works fine. If I manually set the status of the group again using the developer tools, everything works as it should.

I noticed there seems to be a feature request to have the group status be made an option. I would hope only the display of the group status would be made an option, not the actual tracking of it.