433MHz Door / Window sensors

Anyone have any recommendations for ISM band (433MHz) door and window sensors that integrate well with HA?

I don’t want to use zigbee. I’m using wifi channels 1, 6 and 11 so the whole band is in use and I can do without interference.

No zwave. Too expensive.

Thanks. Do you use these?

I have an RTL SDR USB stick and have the RTL433 to MQTT Bridge addon installed. Just missing difficult to find protocol information for the sensors.

Look for devices from intertechno, smartwares and trust. You need a transmitter like rfxcom or a gateway like the homewizard (with REST api).

No, I don’t need a transmitter. I only need a receiver as I only need this for door sensors.

For the receiver gateway I’m using an RTL SDR dongle that I already have with this addon: https://github.com/james-fry/hassio-addons/tree/master/rtl4332mqtt

I built my own gateway transceiver using a Wemos D1 Mini and this

It’s running Tasmota and sending any data via MQTT. I also have these motion sensors connecting to my gateway

This one comes highly recommended by @1technophile:

The Digoo sensor does appear to have a more limited range than the GS-WDS07, but appears to be easily resolved with a second gateway

What are people reporting the difference in range to be?

Didn’t see any exact numbers just that they were able to get a signal from the WS and not the Digoo “across the house”. But like I said, a second gateway which is a good idea anyway, solves the problem

Thanks. Unfortunately I have the same problem as with the sensor suggested by Glenn. No protocol information.

I have a few GS-WDS07 EV1527 door/window sensors integrated with a Sonoff RF bridge running Tasmota. They work really well. They send codes for open, closed and low battery. Bought off Aliexpress - just be willing to wait a month or so for delivery. You can buy them in packs, but they end up being about $US4 each.

Is there a limit to the number of devices/signal that can be used for the Sonoff Bridge? I thought I remembered reading that some time back and I am wondering if I am remembering correctly or if things might have changed?

There may be a 16 code limit to what you can send via the web interface. That is fairly irrelevant to most people using it through HA.

There is no limit to codes received or sent via MQTT. If you publish a message in the correct format to the correct topic, then the Sonoff will pick it up and blast it out.

Whenever I buy RF devices, I just make sure I buy stuff that is using EV1527 encoding - I know that works with the the RF bridge.

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I’ve gone off the whole 433MHz idea.

It seemed attractive when I thought I could use the rtl_433 hassio addon and a USB RTL device but that has problems.

  1. Can only use one sensor type
  2. Does not support the required protocols without a lot of faffing about.

Looks like I’m falling back to crawling around in the roof installing wired sensors.

Well, wired is always going to be a better solution. Running wires for me is not a realistic option - 100+ year old house with 13 foot ceilings, it is just to hard to run wires. My electrician is not sure whether to never come back (running wires so hard) or to ask for more work (what should take him an hour takes him 8 hours instead).

For the price and convenience the wireless 433 sensors work well. The Sonoff RF bridge is <$AUD20 and I have a few of them scattered around the house to provide coverage. Seems to work more or less reliably but I wouldn’t trust running an alarm system with it.

Old school. Like my house. All sensors are wired, even the yard gate, shed door, and the mailbox. No batteries, no RF range issues, and works at any temperature (even in bitterly cold winters). However, fishing a wire can sometimes test the limits of one’s ingenuity, persistence, and patience.

Good luck!

One could start a very interesting thread called “Fishing stories from hell.” I’d have a few interesting ones to contribute …

You can use mysensors (https://www.mysensors.org/) and the RFM69 radios at 433mhz.

That is my setup, plenty of battery powered nodes and a few mains ones setup as repeaters. You can get amplified (RMF69HW) and non amplified versions of the radio and get much better range than WiFi

Its home assistant friendly and if you check out the “EasyPCB” you can build neat looking boards for not very much money.

Hey just saw this
My wyze sensors are a huge pain to get into HA as I’ve only got the single Pi running so range is a major issue

Just ordered a sonoff 433 bridge as I’ve got a few of their switches and I love the instant lan control with the alexitt integration

Do you still use these sensors? I bought a 3 pack on eBay that a friend has been using with success but that was almost $30 with shipping to Australia
The link you provided seems a better and more economic solution. At the moment I need for the garage and back door as that is where the wyze range drops out but would love to get them all over the place

What’s the range on your sonoff bridge like?

Lastly I don’t really want to fuss around with tasmota etc so can these work without it?

I still have the sensors and still use them. They rarely miss an opening/closing, although I have one that I think may be playing up a little. They are cheap enough to throw away and replace, just haven’t got around to it yet.

Range on the Sonoff bridge is … limited. I have two of them - one at the front of the house, and one at the back. With the two of them, it covers the whole house, including ground and first floor. If you get much more than about 5 or 6 metres, then you are doing pretty well. The best thing about the Sonoff is that you can have multiple of them, and they are cheap - just get as many as you need to provide adequate coverage.

I must admit I never attempted get anything working with the stock Sonoff firmware. First thing I did after unboxing then was flash them with Tasmota.