60 devices in smartthings (mostly zigbee or lifx or virtual switches)

Hi All,

I have a couple of questions as i’m moving from ST.

Just wondering if I bridge to smartthings and use hass for my automatons - will i still see the increase in speed or will smartthings still act as a bottleneck?

I have a few devices with custom device handlers for example swannone smart plugs in Smartthings (zigbee) and a zigbee light switch (hard wired to the light in each room) and some virtual devices which are toggled from ifttt.

My second question is should I get a zigbee stick and remove ST completely or keep it as a bridge? i want a fast response time for automations but don’t want to lose the use of my zigbee switches.

It’s just hard to tell if my plugs and light switches will work in hass. I’m guessing I should just test it… but i’d have to go get a zigbee stick etc