64 bit OS and Mopidy


I am setting up Homeassistant for a while now. I already included security cameras with motioneye and started to use four light switch nodes, controlling 12 lights.

But when I wanted to setup Mopidy, I couldn’t and learned that it is not ready for 64bit OS. I need to use 64bit, because I use Homeassistant with SSD on a Raspberry Pi 4.

Is there another alternative for Mopidy?

Also, I want to setup a multizone (actually two zone) media player and want to use the same Raspberry Pi that is used for Homeassistant. I tested my Usb DAC and it is recognised by Hassio Os. I tried it with spotify connect and it works.

What I want is to use Raspberry’s audio out for first zone, and use my Usb DAC for second zone and integrate it to Homeassistant. I am a Raspberry noob. If it is not possible to achieve this in Hassio Os, I can use another Raspberry Pi for setting up a two zone media player; but I should be able to integrate it to Home Assistant. Do you know any OS or program for this, that can also be integrated to Home Assistant offcourse.

Main aim is to play music, including Spotify (two different spotify instances would be even better).

Ok, I made some more research, and found Volumio. Actually I knew Volumio because I am a Hi-fi addict ; but since I am new to raspberry world, I could not figure out how could I use home assistant and volumio in the same raspberry.

But in theory I figured it out. I can install raspberry os 32bit, docker, home assistant and volumio. By this way, home assistant will probably see volumio I guess… The rest is to try to control volumio through home assistant. I guess I will figure it out in time.
Multi Zone setup can be done with volumio with snapcast plugin. But, can I setup a second volumio instance to docker, and link two volumios in one instance? That will be the tricky part for me, because I am a total Raspberry noob.

In theory, one instance will use one soundcard (probably raspberry onboard sound card), the other instance will use HDMI audio. If I need a better sound quality, then I will search for a usb DAC.