66.1 still has "Error doing job: Task was destroyed but it is pending!"

66.0 had the problem, and it is not fixed in 66.1. Back to 65.6 for a while.

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Why? It’s not a fatal error that I can see.

Not fatal, but floods the log (making it hard to see other issues).

Any idea what caused this error? I’m seeing it too and unable to view Hassio front end. 0.67

As was identified in another post, this is at least partially related to ssl. Turn it off in http.yaml and most errors go away (but not all in my case).

It’s still in .67.1 as well.

Is there a formal way to report a problem? I get the impression that this one has fallen through a crack.

I got same problem, using letsencrypt

Any update on this yet? We are just turning off SSL?

This is an open issue for a while. I also experience it when trying to use letsencrypt

I am seeing that error but is not affecting HA in any way. I’m only running the LetsEncrypt addon, not duckdns though as my router takes care of that for me. I don’t know if that’s a difference. I have no issue with anything configured in HA with this error - I only see the error if I check the log.

I don’t really care if HA doesn’t appear to have any noticeable negative issues associated with this error. The fact of the matter is that it keeps trying to do something that it isn’t able to do for whatever reason, so it complains about it. To me, this sounds like something I should be concerned with, even if it’s not apparent to me what the actual problem is…


The practical problem lots of errors is reduced signal-to-noise, as useful error messages become harder to observe

The error still exists in .68.0… Is this a new ‘feature’?

The error still exists in 0.68.1 :confused:

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Same here in 0.68.1

I am having this error as well in both 68 and 68.1 it seems to be happening everytime I try to use an input Boolean which is used as a switch to turn on a light to a specific brightness … the light works fine turning it on with its direct switch in HA but not longer goes on when my automation that watches the input Boolean calls for it… but everytime I get that message… I also seem to get the timer out of sync messages right around the same time but I do not know if it’s related

i met this error also , but i solved it yesterday . the sulution is using hassio addon NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy instead .

comment ssl_certificate and ssl_key in configuration.yaml
2.install NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy at hassio addon
3.copy ssl key and cert to /usr/share/hassio/ssl/
4.set up NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy config of your domain and cert and key file
5.start NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy
6.Restart ha and using https://yourdomain to visit ha
problem solved , never see "Error doing job: Task was destroyed but it is pending! " info again . @gb53smith

i think this may be the problem of hassio ssl itself.

Just to say I still have this problem on 0.70.1
But I have reduced the errors significantly by changing the duck DNS config in the addons Hassio section.

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I’m having the same issue running 0.71, I’ve tried what you said, changing the seconds but it doesn’t seem to make any difference. It’s a little frustrating… it’s only started once I enabled SSL within Duck DNS. My log file is growing quite rapidly!