A correct integration with Google Home devices

Hello everybody,
First I want to thank you all for an extraordinary work.

Coming back to topic:
It’s not maybe a better idea to have our HA recognized as itself by Google Home?
Not workarounds like Philips Hue or Google Assistant but an honest device that comply with Google requirements.

I really don’t know what kind of efforts this means but I think it will be good,

  • as a recognition:
    “HA is recognized and accepted in Google network”
  • to grow HA community:
    “There are a lot of hobbyist that play with HA and want to integrate with Google Home”
  • to make better and easy home automations.

The big question is who is going to pay for it?

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This is also difficult since (I think?) all of the Google integration with other smart home devices involves the manufacturers of those devices providing the server infrastructure/cloud API to accomplish this (eg Google interfaces with the manufacturer’s cloud API and so does your device, so a call to your Google Home to do something causes Google to make a request to the cloud API, which in turn commands your device to do something). With HA the server is self-hosted by you, hence the current requirement to set up your own project and point it at your own IP. Not sure of a way around this to make it universal if there’s no HA cloud API.

I am willing to make a small contribution. Or maybe we can persuade Google for a partnership.

I wonder how IKEA Tradfri will be integrated into Google now - they said they would do it, but now that Google killed the local api (like for Hue), I wonder how that will work. Unless IKEA wants to start a cloud service…

This way we’ll have the best from both worlds:

  1. HA will be the hub working offline (intranet, and this feature it’s a must);
  2. Connecting with Google Assistant via cloud API (anyway the assistant is an AI and live in the cloud :slight_smile: ).

This seems like more trouble than what its worth. What is wrong with the current implementation of making your own app? It works really well.

I think the cloud component will go in that direction. The documentation only mentions Alexa, but I’m pretty sure once it’s done it will also support Google sooner or later.

My point is that without some unifying cloud service that allows individual HASS instances to talk (and authenticate!) to Google in a unified way, this probably won’t be able to happen.

OpenHAB provides a cloud service with www.myopenhab.org. You register with that site and then install the Cloud Connector on your local instance, which connects to myopenhab.org. This gives some benefits like allowing remote access to your local instance without opening your firewall ports, which is nice. But it also provides a platform for oauth and integration with IFTTT (which has its own OpenHAB channel) and Alexa.

I cannot agree more: cloud component should go in the direction of myopenhab.org. Offering a standard cloud service will make things easier and more secure than making your own app.

Sounds good! I think it’s best if it’s as easy as possible for the user.