A reason HA locks up completely at backup time

The last few days my HA on a Pi4 with SSD has died in the middle of the night.

I have tracked it down, so, for others interest, this is what caused it, I believe.

I’ve used the Google Drive Backup Add-on because I like its functionality of partial backup excluding my media folder. However, I use Dropbox for my paid-for storage and my free Drive space is nearly full, so I have set GDBA off at 1am to keep just one backup on Drive and the DropBack Add-on at 2am to copy the created backup to my dropbox archive.

Well, the backups grew a bit and GDBA was still runing when DropBack tried to start … HA died.

Moved the start time to 4am and all is back to being calm.

Will be reviewing the backup strategy again shortly to rationalise my complicated setup.