A way to control childrens use of netflix/youtube etc

I am thinking of how one could integrate a way to control the use of Netflix/youtube etc.

One could make a timer that blocked in firewall, but that dosnt help if they are on mobilenet…

I can setup Microsoft family and control screentime tht way on PC’s, but cant figure out a way to do it on IPADs…

But s Home-Assistant can do everything if configured right - I am sure home-assistant is the right place to start :wink:

Anyone whith some ideas to control childrens use ? Other than beeing a parent telling them it over and over again :wink:

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My Home Assistant is called ‘Wife’. :wink: She gets it done way better than me.

The only option I see is to collect all devices with mobile data enabled and only allow Wifi access after a certain time. That will make ik possible to allow/disallow Internet access per device/person/time slot.

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Massive Faraday cage over your house that you can open or close with Home Assistant :wink:


Maybe a sepparate DNS server that blocks the request to youtube and netflix, if configured correctly you could make a script that enables and disables the url’s from being blocked. Then you could attach the script to hass.

What you are able to do is

  • enable parental controls for the iPad
  • disable cellular access for specific apps (Netflix, Youtube, Safari, Spotify whatever)
  • restrict access to cellular settings (this is a specific parental control)

This way you will be able to force Wifi use that you are able to control.

Hope your kids will still like you when you have this figured out. :wink:


Keep them on 4G and hook a relay to HA to one of these.


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OK to summerize - using DNS combined with disabling celluar access seems to be the way. I were hoping for at app on the device that HA could “talk” to.

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Some time has passed since, but currently the AdGuard addon support parental controls. And the addon can also be controlled from HA.

The way to control children’s use of netflix/youtube is actually not as complicated as you think, you can set up Microsoft series on PC and control screen time, see: https://www.jammer-store.de/

A way to control children’s use of netflix/youtube etc. https://www.jammermfg.com/