AAOS Home Assistant app in the Polestar to get data into HA

The AAOS HA app has been around for a while now. From the Polestar it used to give some useful (almost) real time GPS data. That does no longer seems to work. Is anybody using the AAOS HA app still to get data from the Polestar into HA? What and how?

I’m not making much progress on this.

I now can show the Polestar geocoded location from the HA AAOS companion app on a map card on the HA dashboard (using the device_tracker.see service).

But the companion app does not update regularly as it used to do.

Anybody more luck with the AAOS companion app.

I lost contact after updating the car to 3.0.3

3.0.3 does not seem to be a problem here. No change. No regular location updates.

v60 with aaos 3.0.3 everything related to location works as expected but geocoded location info is useless - very inaccurate. Same device_tracker with GoogleGeocode gives very good address