Ability to change IP version for UPnP integration


The UPnP integration finds my device without any problems and is able to set it up.
After that the integration is not able to get any data from the modem, because it gives this error:
Error connecting to device at location: http://[<redacted IPv6 address>]:5000/rootDesc.xml, err: ('', None)

Which seems correct, because when I GET that file I also get an error. When I change the IP address to the IPv4 address of the modem I do get a response.

Forcing IPv4 on homeassistant if of course a workaround, and tbh the modem manufacturer should serve this API over IPv6, but it would be nice if this integration could have a fix for this.

My device is a: Compal Broadband Networks, Inc CH7465LG (which is a Ziggo Connect Box [Dutch])