About new tuya, psk and tasmota/esphome

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Hi. Sorry it if its not correct place to ask.
I read a lot of github and HA community threads and things looks a bit messed up :slight_smile: Want to clarify something about tuya devices.

So, if i have a device, i can flash it with tuya-convert OTA, right?

But, if device have new firmware i can’t, because of psk things.

So, can i just connect to few pins directly to the esp8266 chip and flash it with tasmota\esphome\etc? Will it flash this way or it still locked to stock firmware?

Anyone? I’m not in a hurry in any way, but still want to know how to deal with devices and how careful i should be while ordering them.

You can always flash esp8266/8255 chips with a serial connection, stock firmware can never prevent this. You’ll need a ttl serial to usb converter

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Just be aware that tuya is moving away from esp chips, so your device may have another chip which is not compatible with tasmota.

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@clyra thanks, heard about it, will be careful with it (and hope community will able to reflash this chips in future).

@floatev cool, that’s what i want to know. Thanks a lot!

update: Btw, as far as i know esp82** has efuses and it can be burned to prevent reflashing. Correct me if i wrong. But as i see - nobody does this.

I have never seen an esp-based device that I can’t reflash. OK, sometime it is difficult to solder the wires, but it always worked. Configuring it with Tasmota or esphome can be difficult if it is not a common device :slight_smile:

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