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Discussion about the official Home Assistant for iOS app


hey there @robbiet480, has there been any progress on the hass app for iOS? I haven’t seen any betas since the first, and the forum here has been crickets for a month now. Any news? Thanks!


Big new build is coming out today and development speed will be picking up in the next few days.


Great news! This will show up in TestFlight, correct? Nothing else needed to keep testing?


The initial binary was rejected, I have just re-submitted.

Yes it will appear in TestFlight, no need to do anything new.


Thanks for the invite. I’ll try to do some testing and provide information were needed.


Any info on if this will work for the apple watch? This would be the only reason I’d even consider getting the watch from apple. It would be nice to utilize something I would always wear and not have to hold in my hand or nearby. I mean without voice control anyway.


How do I become a beta tester for the iOS app?


Can I get on the beta testing?


Please read the above


Any news on this?


Locking this thread to stop getting “Please invite me” messages. You can check the current status of the project here and my note about beta invites is here. Short answer is no, you can’t get an invite.

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