About using Xbee S2C Pro with arduino connected to Conbee2(Raspberry Pi)

Hi everyone
i have a project that using Xbee S2C Pro with arduino as End device and Router. i have the Conbee 2 as coordinator with the Raspberry Pi. I want to build a temperature sensor by using DHT22 conected to arduino as a Home automation device but i dont know how to connect the device with the Conbee 2(with Raspberry PI). i think it is about the arduino coding so Please help me to sove this problems
thank you very much.


It’s a bit late but might help someone. I was in the same boat for the past few months and couldn’t find a quick solution. Was a bit of a learning curve to get code examples I found on the internet to work with my setup. My setup is like yours (xbee s2c, conbee 2, arduino). to arduino have attached 2 relays and 2 temp sensors.

See code and instructions in github

thank you very much