Access dashboard on notification

I’m using an iPhone, with a notification when the Ring doorbell is rung. I want the notification to open a specific dashboard when clicked - one with camera picture glances in it, but I’m having trouble getting the dashboard to be found.

I’ve set up a dashboard called cameras and renamed the home page to cameras.

In /homeassistant/.storage, the dashboard is there as: lovelace.dashboard_cameras, but in trying (as an action in the automation)

… url: /lovelace.dashboard_cameras/cameras

It doesn’t find it. Any clues as to what I’m doing wrong?

I think you’re way overthinking this.

I use Android, but I don’t THINK any of this is specific to Android. Here’s an partial example that I use to do exactly this:

service: notify.ben_s_devices
    clickAction: /lovelace/nates-chores

There are multiple ways to find the path to / name of a dashboard, the easiest being to just use a browser and see what it uses when you navigate to a given dashboard.

Yes, thanks. That did it - the browser location was the clue. Thanks.