Access HA OS web interface when running in KVM with host networking

I set up HA OS under KVM/QEMU running under Ubuntu 22.04. Because my network access to the Ubuntu machine is through WIFI, I was unable to set up “bridge” networking (apparently, you can’t bridge between WIFI and ethernet). This means I’m using “host” (NAT?) networking.

How can I access the web UI (the correct way)? I’ve resorted to using “virsh console” to access the HA OS VM, and from there, I’m running an SSH tunnel to my Ubuntu host. And using this mechanism, I’m able to access to web interface. However, because the /etc file system is read-only, I’m unable to add a line to the /etc/rc.local script to automatically set up this SSH tunnel every time the VM starts.

What is the correct way of accessing the web interface when HA OS is running in a QEMU VM under Linux? I found reference to an “autossh” add-on, which might allow me to run autossh to set this up on HA OS startup, but I cannot add the add-on repository – I get an error every time I try.

Any suggestions? Am I running HA the right way – given that I don’t have a dedicated machine for it, and must run it in a VM or docker container. I read somewhere that if I want to access the add-on store (I need various add-ons), that I need to be running HA OS. And short of wiping the disk of a raspberry pi or some other machine and installing the OS directly, I’ve resolved to running HA OS under KVM on my Ubuntu machine.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve not done this myself, but here would be a suggestion to try out: