Access Issues

I am able to login to my home assistant from another computer in my LAN using:

However I can’t access it when I use the IP i.e., I am getting the error: This site can’t be reached192.168.1.91 took too long to respond.

Not sure if related but when I am trying to login from outside my network I get “Connection Refused”, I have properly configured port forwarding in my router. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Have you assigned a static IP address to your instance of HA? Or could the router DHCP have changed it’s IP address after a reboot/lease timeout? That could be one reason why the IP address does not work but the domain name (homeassistant.local) does work.

Also, it is not a good idea to port forward 8123 if it is not encrypted (not https).

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Thanks it is not DHCP (I have reserved an IP for that computer - the physical computer-) but it is network related for sure and it is not HA itself, I failed to say that I am using a Windows 10 computer with Virtualbox; I am using a wireless conection even though the documentation says that for bridge connectivity it has to be wired; could that be the problem? I don’t think so, I will continue troubleshooting.

I will close this one, it was my own stupidity, I completely missed that the virtual machines gets its own IP address and it is not the same than the host machine. All good now.

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