Accessing last sensor value / max sensor value for a specific day

i have my daily rain sensor. It sums app and, as of the name, it resets at midnight.
I’d like to access yesterday’s (or other day’s) last/max value of the sensor to use it an automation that is running in another day (e.g.: water plants only if yesterday it poured less than x mm of rain)
i’d probably be able to do that creating an helpers / a template sensor, but i was just wondering if i can directly access the data (that HA has) without creating more “noise”…

the thing that comes closest to what you’re asking for that i know about is this:

take a look and see if it does what you want.

thanks, this is one of the “add another entity to get a value the system already has” approaches, like an helper or a template sensor…
makes sense and thanks (did not think about it), but i’m surprised there’s no direct access to a specific value of a sensor…

yeah, it’s adding an integration, but one that packages up a bunch of statistical helpers…

Another way is to make a utility meter with a daily cycle and then you read the attribute for last period.

another would be create a template sensor keeping the last sensor value before going to zero again.
does it sound strange only to me that to access a value the system has i need to create another entity that basically duplicates the value?