ACSII Protocol in Home Assistant OS

Hey all,

Looking to integrate an older device that I had tied in to my old system (Home Seer)
This is a device they private labelled and works reliably, albeit I’m sure there is newer/better devices available nowadays! Just like to reuse what I can. I have this just monitoring all my door contacts at the moment

Here’s the device

The ASCII commands is more what I’m after. See page 6-8 of this document for the specifics.

So, my question is more around getting the status of the DIs out of this and what integration would be needed to do so.

Looks like I can send the command I↵ to get the HEX 00-FF (I0000 through I00FF) for the binary rep of the DIs or enable the streaming mode (S↵) and monitor the incoming I00XX for my statuses, either would work.

Just need to sort out how to monitor an incoming data stream - so how to poll/receive incoming serial data and split the HEX out to a binary rep.

But perhaps I can spend my time with a better direction rather than this device as well!