Actionable notifications - multiple events fired - unclear why


I have now come to the stage that I get actionable notifications and they show me the alternatives that I have specified. Then a new issue arises.

I have set upp push categories under


I have three categories each with two actions
category: alarm - actions: ALARM_AKTIVERA, ALARM_IGNORE
category: kaffe - actions: KAFFE_AV, KAFFE_SNOOZE
category: test - actions: LAMP_OFF, LAMP_IGNORE

I use category test to make everything work. I turn on a lamp and after 30 seconds an automation is triggered that results in the following action:

  - service: notify.ios_fredriks_iphone7
      message: Trying to turn the lamp off..
      title: ”Our house"
          category: 'test'
          badge: 'test'

This give me a push notice with the desired message in my phone and I can choose between:
“Turn off” (LAMP_OFF) and “Do nothing” (LAMP_IGNORE)

When I press “Turn off” the lamp is turned off but the automations related to the category actions ALARM_AKTIVERA, ALARM_IGNORE, KAFFE_AV, KAFFE_SNOOZE and LAMP_IGNORE are also triggered when I press “Turn off”.

Each automation has a trigger that as follows (only the action name changes):

    platform: event
    event_type: ios.notification_action_fired
      actionname: 'ALARM_IGNORE'

I first made the mistake of not giving all automations a unique id, but I have verified that now. I have also made the mistake of using some capital letters in the yaml, but that has been corrected.

Can anybody explain why all automations are triggered when I press “Turn off” which is connected to the actionname LAMP_OFF (category ‘test’)?