Adapter that works Zigbee / Z-Wave and Pi 4

I have my HA running on a Pi version 4. the few items I have are all WiFi currently. I’m wanting to branch out into Z-Wave and Zigbee. I have searched high and low but I haven’t found any USB adapter that will work with Pi 4. Does anyone have anything that is working out there? I’d love for the Z-wave to be the plus version.

Now that I’ve asked the question here is a little back story about what I need to accomplish in the near term. I have a Yale Assure YRD-226 lock that is WiFi. After purchasing it I found out that it requires the August WiFi bridge. I want as few things as possible between my HA and end devices. I’m planning to swap the lock for Z-Wave OR Zigbee. I’m still trying to figure out which one I should go with though. My thought is that HA would be THE controller for the lock at this point. If anyone knows of any reason this won’t work please let me know.

I have not heard of any adapters not working with a Pi, except for the previous revision of the Aeotec Z-Stick. There is a new version of that stick that works in the Pi4, but probably no way to guarantee you receive one since it is the same model.

If you want both Zigbee and Z-Wave in one, there is the Nortek combo stick.

Be careful with the Nortek if you live in Europe : you can get it only with US Z-wave frequencies, which don’t work with n Europe.

Thanks everyone. I have the Nortek on the way! I’m in the US so the frequency should be fine.